A Speech Connection Clinic - Articulation, Language, Fluency, and Voice Therapy
All children are unique and develop at their own rate. Below is a chart representing the age most children typically master skills. All items in a category may not be mastered until the oldest age in a category. If your child has not mastered the majority of the skills in a age range, contact us.
Receptive Language
Expressive Language
to 3months
Startles to loud sounds.
Recognizes familiar voices and quiets if crying.
Attends and smiles for familiar voices.
Differentiated crying for different needs.
Smiles and makes cooing   
sounds when happy.
4 to 6months
Responds to changes in tone of voice.
Attends to music.
 Localizes to sounds.
Babbles using different sounds (p, b,m).
Makes  different sounds for excitement or when unhappy.
7months to 1yr
Understands words for everyday common items. (ex. juice, cup, shoe etc.)
Begins to understand simple directions (“Sit
   down”,  “Come here”)
Enjoys playing games like peek –a-boo or  patty-cake.
Imitates different speech sounds.
Uses 1 or 2 words (mama, dada, bye-bye).
Uses speech or speech like sounds to get attention.
1 to 2 years
Enjoys simple stories, songs, or rhymes.
Points to pictures in books.
Points to some body parts when named.
 Uses 1-2 word sentences and  questions. ex “ More cookie”,  “where dada?”, “No eat” “What’s that”.
2 to 3 years
Follows 2 step directions- “Get your shoe
 and put it on.”
Understands simple opposites - up/down, 
 go/stop, big/little.    
Has many words for things in environment.
Speech is understood 75% of time.
 Uses 2-3 words sentences.
3 to 4 years
Understands simple “wh” questions “who, what, where etc. 

Hears when you call from a different room.
 Uses at least 4 word sentences.
Can be understood by others outside family.
4 to 5 years
Can listen to a short story and answer questions about  the story.
Understands and hears  most of what is said in environment by peers and adults.
Communicates easily with peers and adults.
Stays on topic when sharing stories.
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