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A Speech Connection Clinic offers Speech and Language therapy for all ages. Our Speech-Language Pathologists are focused on providing high-quality speech therapy services. 
The aim of speech and language therapy is to develop in each individual an improved ability to communicate with others. We offer speech therapy for articulation, language, voice and fluency impairments. 
My son, Aj, was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech when he was 4 years old. It is very important to my family that AJ can communicate effectively with others. I needed to find a therapist who would work with him one on one. I found A Speech Connection and AJ started seeing Ms. Darlene Warner. She has been working with AJ for almost 2 years. He has improved so much from when he first started. He feels more confident in himself. Ms. Warner has the knowledge and patience to be working with my son. His improvement has been remarkable. I want to thank A Speech Connection and Ms. Warner for working so hard with him. I highly recommend their service to anyone seeking assistance of this nature. –Yadira

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